Unlocking the Value of Nature

Eco-Capitalism 2.0

We are guerilla research advocates for a green cryptoeconomy

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Policy-makers need better guidance

Web3 offers a positive vision of the future undermined by negative press and political scapegoating. Without clear signal about Web3's environmental possibilities, policy-makers risk ignoring real natural capital solutions.

It's beyond time to close the green funding gap

Without substantial public and private investment, we cannot improve the biosphere. Our work reveals the incredible potential for natural capital and will help divert funding to the most pressing and influential green assets.

New entrants don't know where to start

Projects in the environmental sector evaluating Web3 are overwhelmed by its myriad technical, social, and economic dimensions. Our work demystifies Web3's radical potential for environmental impact for the next generation of adopters.

Our book will demonstrate real solutions for the mass production of natural capital.

The Green Crypto Handbook dives deep into the "how" of natural capital production. With it, we can push policy-makers, green investment institutions, and academia to streamline and grow the nascent Web3 natural capital sector.

“Web3 offers an ecological future for our institutions. Ecofrontiers aims to put critical knowledge in the hands of key changemakers.”

Louise Borreani & Pat Rawson

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